We provide end-to-end expertise, covering the full lifecycle of your building project.



Design and Construct

We have the in-house expertise to manage every aspect of your building project, ensuring predetermined time, cost and quality objectives are achieved.

Design and Construct

We have the in-house expertise to manage every aspect of your builidng project, ensuring predetermined time, cost and quality objectives are achieved.

Step 1



Our Director will meet with you to explore design possibilities and to discuss how Bruce and Co Builders can deliver your dream home.

In this meeting, we will discuss your vision/ideas and initial design solutions. Your budget will be taken into consideration, ensuring it aligns with your design brief and undergoes a ‘build-ability’ check.

We encourage you to ask any questions, we want you to feel informed and have a clear understanding of the process and how it all works. We will explain to you, in detail, our unique ‘7 Step’ building process.

We are keen to demonstrate our building skill and capability, therefore, you will also be provided a presentation of previous work and case studies of similar work. Available to you is also a list of current and previous client referees for your peace of mind.

Step 2

Creating the DESIGN


Based upon our initial meeting, we will continue with your initial design pathway. It will be influenced by the orientation and nature of your property with sustainable design and passive solar principles applied where possible.

Together you will review the options, with the opportunity to brainstorm the layout and all of its features. We will ensure your requirements and expectations are met whilst keeping the design brief and budget always in mind. The outcome is your draft site plan, floor plan and main elevation. Everything is centred around your requirements and lifestyle goals.

Once you have approved the initial design, all aspects of your project are formally estimated adopting our exclusive range of quality fittings and finishes and we are able to construct a comprehensive building estimate.

We will sit down with you prior to pricing, to confirm general finishes are to your expectations and to ensure budget pricing is as accurate as possible.

A formal Project Booklet is then presented to you outlining everything that is included in the build price including final design and schedule of finishes.

Upon acceptance of the design concept we are ready to proceed to Preliminary Services Agreement and to pursue Town Planning Approval.

Step 3



We are now ready to work together on the next exciting stage of building your dream.

The fun begins as you meet with our professional Interior Design and Kitchen Design teams. You will be personally guided through the Selection Process to ensure your home ‘ticks all your boxes’ and will have the look, feel and style you envision.

At the same time, we work professionally and cost effectively to complete all the necessary documentation. This will resolve all compliance issues and variables. Including: Working drawings; Shadow Diagrams; Engineering (footings / foundations / retaining walls / site drainage); Engineering (structural); Framing layouts and list; Joinery Design; Schedule of finishes; 6 Star Energy Assessment

Utilising these documents, Bruce and Co Builders apply to Council for the Town Planning Permit.

These important hurdles cleared and all variables resolved, we are now able to present a Final Building Proposal. Your proposal will have all of the council approvals required to begin construction and is a personalised ‘road map’ to your dream home that meets all your key budget and design brief criteria…. That is something to be celebrated!

Step 4

Fixing the PRICE


Now that we have council approval and you have finalised your selections, a fixed price contract is offered and building can commence!

Bruce and Co Builders use the current Housing Industry Association Plain Language Building Contract to ensure owners are fully aware of all conditions affecting their interests.

As a boutique home builder, we pride ourselves on crafting homes we personally would love to live in. That’s why we put a limit on the number of homes we build a year. Therefore, we can give you the attention you deserve, deliver your home on time, on budget and provide you with a dedicated relationship, that we know, is an essential factor for producing amazing results. You’re not just a number to us.

We have over 30 years combined hands-on, award winning, building and designing experience. Our professional building team is fully committed to providing you with personal service, attention to detail and incredible finishes.

Step 5



Bringing your dream to reality takes a team effort and you will have a direct relationship with both our Site Manager and Estimation & Contract Administrators. They will coordinate the entire project and ensure it is professionally delivered.


The Site Management Team schedules and manages your entire project, ensuring best quality trades and suppliers are used for the build of your new home.

They will be in regular contact with you with regard to scheduling updates, informing you of significant building stage completion and subsequent construction progress payment requirements. They are also your direct contact for any site based questions or concerns during your build.

Step 6



When we arrive at the handover stage of your build, it is a very exciting time.

Your dream home has become a reality, it is a time to celebrate!

Together we will recognise the journey we have taken together from concept to completion, it’s time to enjoy your new home and lifestyle!

We meet with you to congratulate and celebrate with you this incredible milestone. At this celebration you will be presented with your keys, certificates, warranties and a guide on how to maintain your home.

Step 7



At Bruce and Co Builders we take great pride in the homes we build and stand by our work.

The daily interaction with us maybe over, but we’re not going anywhere. We value you, your family and the beautiful home we have crafted together.

Therefore, we guarantee our work beyond the industry standard for general maintenance from 3 to 6 months and will eagerly respond to any questions, concerns or feedback you may have.

We are only a phone call away!

Frequeently Asked Questions

Will Bruce and Co Builders price my plans that I already have drawn up?

Yes absolutely, we’d love to see what you’ve got planned and envisioned for your dream lifestyle.

We will meet with you to understand your plans and confirm your choices. From that meeting our Estimator will be able to provide a comprehensive estimation.

We look forward to sharing with you the Bruce and Co Builders building process and excellence in service.

Do I have to have plans drawn up before reaching out to Bruce and Co Builders?

No, an idea and a vision is all you need! We are a full service building company! This means, design through to construct, Bruce and Co Builders has your entire project covered.  We design with 20+ years experience ready to work with you to deliver your dream home design.

Can you just give me an estimate of how much it will be to build a house?

At the FREE first consultation we will discuss approximate build costs based upon the information you can provide to us.

As a custom residential builder, we don’t build standard homes. Therefore, your final home design, considerations of site conditions, selections and finishes will be as individual as you are.

We offer a design and estimation service in our Preliminary Services Agreement that provides you with a completed design, ready for council approval including initial site investigation/soil testing and an educated and professional estimate for your dream home without committing to the large financial implications of building a house AND a set of plans that you own.

When do I have to sign a contract?

We want you to feel entirely happy and excited with your design, selections and the process of building with Bruce and Co Builders.

That’s why we don’t ask our clients to commit to building with us until all the details have been ironed out.

We trust that through our ‘7 Step’ process, you will have every confidence in us, your building team.

Therefore, you aren’t required to sign your building contract until we have completed the Preliminary Services Agreement, all selections are completed and development approval has been achieved.

It is then that we provide you with a fixed contract building proposal and you have the option to sign and continue with your building process to see your dream home actualised.

Why is it important to let our designer know of our budget upfront?

We value your time and the vision you are trying to create. To ensure you receive a custom home design that meets your brief, family dynamics, and style we can’t do our job properly without first knowing the budget/ initial finance approval you have to work with.

It wouldn’t be a successful outcome if we designed something you loved, but couldn’t afford, that’s just cruel!

We want to tick all the boxes for you, so you can be turning the key to your new home and living your dream lifestyle as soon as possible, so we need to ask the budget question early in our discussions with you.

Will my bank loan/finance cover all fees from design to construct?

Every bank is different, but usually we have found that banks require you to finance the preliminary services agreement stage yourself and then are prepared to assess providing finance to you based on your fixed contract proposal.

What are Variations?

A variation (sometimes referred to as a variation instruction, variation order (VO) or change order), is an alteration to the scope of works in a construction contract.

Variations are generally minimal as we have taken you through an intensive selection and documentation process to achieve a fixed price contract.

What happens if I want to change my mind on something in my plans but construction has commenced?

This sometimes happens and we are happy to organise and accomodate you but, ‘changes of mind’ during construction will unfortunately delay the build time and can incur a variation order cost, dependant on the change and circumstance, hence we are always proactive in the design process to ensure you’re 100% happy with your custom home.

Do I have to pay any money during the design process?

Yes, we have broken down the payment stages to provide our clients with more financial flexibility, transparency and education of the process.

This is will be explained and discussed with you in the free first consultation.

Do I need to move out while my home/renovation is under construction?

Yes, at Bruce and Co Builders, we ask that you do move out while your home is under construction.

We understand it’s inconvenient to move out, even if we’re not accessing your entire home during a renovation.

However, we don’t want to overwhelm you with the intensity that can be a building site; early starts, noise, dust & dirt, site staff always parked in the way and not to mention the safety implications of a building site. It’s just not the place to be whilst your home transforms.

I’m not ready to build, but I want to start my plans. Can I just get plans designed?

Yes absolutely, we can’t wait to hear your ideas and visions. We have tailored our building process so that our clients receive flexibility, transparency and value for money.

For an initial investment, without any future contract obligations, you receive detailed plans for your dream home that are ready for council approval and YOU own the plans.

We believe however, that it will be the positive beginning your journey with Bruce and Co Builders, even if you’re not ready to start construction. We know you will value of one on one time with our experienced Senior Designer/ Client Manager to develop a custom home design that meets your family dynamics, budget and dream lifestyle.

Who owns the plans if I need to pause the actual build but have drawn the plans with Bruce and Co Builders?

YOU, how reassuring is that?

Our custom building process is client orientated; we are committed to providing quality service, value for money and transparency.

So, when you choose to commence your building journey with Bruce and Co Builders, we take you through a structured process where each stage is separately priced so that you retain ownership of your plans and control of your build.

No hidden nasties or committing to contracts before all the details are covered.

How will I know what's been happening on my site?

Our dedicated Site Manager will be in regular communication with you during the process of construction.

You will have a direct line of contact to both the Site Manager and Project Manager during the build should you have any questions or concerns.

We are committed to taking the building journey with you and want you to enjoy the process.

Can I visit my site while under construction whenever I want?

You are welcome to inspect and view progress at anytime. However, we do ask that you ring your Site Manager and request a viewing/ inspection time so that a team member is able to be present with you for site safety purposes.

Do I need to tell my neighbours I’m building?

No, you aren’t required to, unless:

– They were informed through Planning Permit Process;

– You have shared boundaries/ fencing that will be effected;

– Protection Work Notices (PWN’s) may have to be served to your neighbours should the building Surveyor determine that PWN’s are required.

In this case, yes they need to be advised and consulted.

Don’t be concerned however, we are happy to meet your neighbours and explain any potential work.

We’re here to support you.

Aren’t custom homes more expensive?

A custom designed home is designed to your unique brief and budget, with ALL costs, selections and considerations estimated and presented with full council approval in a fixed priced building contract.

Costs may seem higher in comparison to that of a project home builder. However, with a builder promising huge savings, very fast build time and ‘deposit only until move in’ scenarios are looking to sign clients into ‘total cost unknown’ contracts as soon as possible. The idea of a bargain price home may seem like an answer to budget concerns, but the costs quickly add up and ‘blow-out’ if you are signing a contract without all your selections, site engineering and council approvals completed.

At Bruce and Co Builders, we are able to control costs through a comprehensive preliminary services design, selection and development approval process that will ensure all costs are accommodated for in your fixed price contract. Further to this, we are competitive by utilising relationships fostered and maintained by almost 30 years of business with trades, suppliers and manufacturers, awarding us the best possible purchasing power and passing on the savings to our clients.

The value received from having continued access to our highly experienced building team is also paramount when considering value and builder-to-builder comparisons. Our team collectively have over 30 years ‘hands-on’ building experience, we are not salespeople. Bruce and Co Builders is a dedicated and passionate team crafting beautiful, unique homes for clients that desire service and incredible quality.

How does Bruce and Co Builders ensure budget control?

At Bruce and Co Builders, we are able to control costs through a comprehensive preliminary services design, selection and development approval process that will ensure all costs are accommodated for in your fixed price contract.

Further to this we are competitive by utilising relationships fostered and maintained by almost 30 years of business with trades, suppliers and manufacturers, awarding us the best possible purchasing power and passing on the savings to our clients.

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